A widening perspective regarding the relationship between anti-epiligrin cicatricial pemphigoid and cancer

Elke Sadler, Zelmira Lazarova, Pichaya Sarasombath, Kim B. Yancey

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Anti-epiligrin cicatricial pemphigoid (AECP) is a chronic, autoimmune, subepidermal blistering disease characterized by circulating anti-basement membrane autoantibodies to laminin 5. Recent studies have shown that patients with this form of cicatricial pemphigoid have an increased relative risk for malignant solid tumors. The mechanism underlying this association of AECP and cancer is unknown, but there is accumulating evidence that laminin 5 plays a central role. In this article we report a patient with AECP and co-associated cutaneous T cell lymphoma and summarize all to date reported cases of AECP associated with malignancies. In addition we provide a review of the biology of laminin 5 and its potential role in cancer development.



  • Anti-epiligrin cicatricial pemphigoid (AECP)
  • Cancer
  • Laminin 5

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