Acquired syphilis in prepubertal children

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Osier wrote, "He who knows syphilis, knows medicine." Unfortunately the knowledge about this condition that is committed to memory by every medical student and considered in the differential diagnosis of most exanthems by pediatric house officers is quickly forgotten after the physician enters pediatric practice. Pediatricians are confronted on an almost daily basis with a variety of rashes that in some ways resemble syphilis but "never are." Because of this and because of the rarity of syphilis in prepubertal patients, this classic disease of medicine has become a stranger to practicing pediatricians.The purposes of this communication are to present three cases of syphilis in prepubertal children who were recently treated in our clinic and to review the clinical characteristics of primary and secondary syphilis. Congenital and late syphilis will not be included.

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JournalPediatric infectious disease
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StatePublished - 1983

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