An on‐line computer-based regional kidney transplant matching system

D. J. Mishelevich, P. Stastny, R. G. Ellis, S. G. Mize

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An interactive on-line computerized renal transplant matching system called RENTRAN which serves the Southwest Kidney Transplant Region is described. The region consists of one transplant center in Arkansas, two in Oklahoma, and six in Texas. The computer used is the DECsystem-10 located in the Medical Computing Resources Center at Dallas. RENTRAN participants have remotely located standard interactive computer terminals and gain access to the computer by dialing over normal telephone lines. Functions provided by RENTRAN include obtaining instructions, performing a donor-recipient match, obtaining a list of potential recipients, making a user comment or adding, updating or deleting a potential recipient record. Either long or short formats for dialog with the computer system are available for inexperienced and experienced users, respectively. In the time period from August 1, 1973, when the system went into production to February 1, 1976, there have been in excess of 232 matches attempted and approximately 142 kidneys have been transplanted according to RENTRAN results. There are about 361 recipients currently on the data base. The system was developed with funds provided by the Texas Regional Medical Program. Expenses of maintaining the system as well as occasional programmed improvements as deemed appropriate by the Southwest Kidney Transplant Region Registry Committee on the basis of user comments are provided through a $25 per year charge to patients for being listed on the data base.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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StatePublished - Sep 1976

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