Correction: "Cell-typedependent regulation of mTORC1 by REDD1 and the tumor suppressors TSC1/TSC2 and LKB1 in response to hypoxia [31, 9, (1870-1884), (2011)]DOI:

Nicholas C. Wolff, Silvia Vega-Rubin-de-Celis, Xian Jin Xie, Diego H. Castrillon, Wareef Kabbani, James Brugarolas

Research output: Contribution to journalComment/debate


Volume 31, no. 9, p. 1870-1884, 2011, Page 1875, Fig. 2A, row 3: The second image is incorrect. The corrected image should appear as shown below. We regret the error. This change does not affect the interpretation of the data and conclusions of the study.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article numbere00224-17
JournalMolecular and cellular biology
Issue number13
StatePublished - Jul 1 2017


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