Corrigendum to: The assembly of lipid droplets and their roles in challenged cells (The EMBO Journal, (2018), 37, 12, (e98947), 10.15252/embj.201898947)

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We were in error regarding the cited Hayes et al reference, which showed that FIT2 proteins are in the lipid phosphatase/phosphotransferase family and may have catalytic activity against lipids not yet identified. In this reference, overexpression of either of the two yeast FIT2 proteins in a strain deficient in the three known phosphatidic acid phosphatases yielded no significant PA phosphatase activity. We confused the Hayes reference with a publicly available preprint in which weak lipid phosphatase activity was reported (preprint: Becuwe et al, 2018). The authors regret this error and any confusion it may have caused.

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