Engaging community mental health stakeholders in pharmacy cost management

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To improve the cost-effectiveness of psychotropic medications, a process was established to involve all stakeholders in a seven-county public-sector behavioral health managed care plan in the development of formulary guidelines. After delineation of the issues and of possible strategies, proposed formulary guidelines were drafted and presented to the stakeholders in a series of meetings. The stakeholders were also educated about pharmacy cost management issues and possible strategies. The guidelines were modified on the basis of the feedback obtained from stakeholders, and the consensus formulary guidelines were adopted. Within ten weeks of implementation of the guidelines, monthly medication costs had declined by 3 percent from baseline, although the number of medication users increased by 3 percent over the same period. There were few complaints about the guidelines. Effective, consensus-driven, medication cost-containment strategies can be implemented through a process of engagement and education of stakeholders in a community mental health plan.

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