Generation of cytotoxic lymphocytes in mixed lymphocyte reactions II. Importance of private and public H-2 alloantigens on the expression of cytotoxicity

James Forman, Göran Möller

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MLC were established to test for the generation of specific cytotoxic effector cells in CML. The target cell used to assay for CML in the five combinations tested was of a different H-2 haplotype from the stimulating cell population. Cytotoxicity was observed against this target only when it shared private alloantigens (antigens that are specific for the H-2D and H-2K region of different H-2 haplotypes) with the stimulating cell population. Very weak or no Cytotoxicity was found when such alloantigens were not shared, although cross-reactive public H-2 specificities were. These findings indicate that T cells display a cytotoxic potential against private H-2 antigens in a primary response in vitro and are not capable of responding to public H-2 specificities to the same level.

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StatePublished - Dec 1974


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