Giant syphilitic aortic aneurysm: A case report and review of the literature

Matthew I. Tomey, Venkatesh L. Murthy, Joshua A. Beckman

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Thoracic aortic aneurysm formation is a known complication of late syphilis. Large aneurysms may cause symptoms via mass effect. When aneurysms compress the pulmonary artery, pulmonary arterial hypertension and right heart failure may result. We report the case of a 76-year-old man who presented with right heart failure secondary to an 11-cm syphilitic thoracic aortic aneurysm, and discuss the evolving epidemiology, complications, diagnosis and management of syphilitic aortitis.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)360-364
Number of pages5
JournalVascular Medicine
Issue number5
StatePublished - Oct 2011
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  • pulmonary hypertension
  • right heart failure
  • syphilis
  • thoracic aortic aneurysm

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  • Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine


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