Guidelines on nicotine dose selection for in vivo research

Shannon G. Matta, David J. Balfour, Neal L. Benowitz, R. Thomas Boyd, Jerry J. Buccafusco, Anthony R. Caggiula, Caroline R. Craig, Allan C. Collins, M. Imad Damaj, Eric C. Donny, Phillip S. Gardiner, Sharon R. Grady, Ulrike Heberlein, Sherry S. Leonard, Edward D. Levin, Ronald J. Lukas, Athina Markou, Michael J. Marks, Sarah E. McCallum, Neeraja ParameswaranKenneth A. Perkins, Marina R. Picciotto, Maryka Quik, Jed E. Rose, Adrian Rothenfluh, William R. Schafer, Ian P. Stolerman, Rachel F. Tyndale, Jeanne M. Wehner, Jeffrey M. Zirger

Research output: Contribution to journalReview articlepeer-review

561 Scopus citations


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