Highly cited research articles in Journal of Controlled Release: Commentaries and perspectives by authors

Nicholas A. Peppas, Ruth Duncan, Gary E. Wnek, Allan S. Hoffman, Guang Hui Gao, Sung Wan Kim, Doo Sung Lee, Michael Hadjiargyrou, Elka Touitou, Denize Ainbinder, Russell Mumper, Alain Rolland, Takuro Niidome, Vinod Labhasetwar, Shi Liu, Guangyuan Zhou, Yubin Huang, Zhigang Xie, Xiabin Jing, Noemi CsabaMaria Jose Alonso, Omar Ali, David J. Mooney, Peter Lönn, Steven F. Dowdy, Si Shen Feng, Jinming Gao, Eun Seong Lee, Kun Na, You Han Bae, Gaylen M. Zentner, Hyesung Kim, Hyuk Sang Yoo, Masamichi Nakayama, Teruo Okano, Zi Xian Liao, Er Yuan Chuang, Chun Wen Hsiao, Hsing Wen Sung, Horacio Cabral, Kazunori Kataoka, Praful R. Nair, Dennis Discher, Samir Mitragotri

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To celebrate the success of the Journal of Controlled Release and the research covered in the journal, here we highlight some of the most cited research articles in the history of the journal. Based on the literature search in Google Scholar in July 2013, we identified ~30 research articles that have received most number of citations. Authors of these articles were invited to provide a commentary on these articles. This compilation of commentaries gives a historical perspective and current status of research covered in these articles.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)29-74
Number of pages46
JournalJournal of Controlled Release
StatePublished - Sep 28 2014


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Peppas, N. A., Duncan, R., Wnek, G. E., Hoffman, A. S., Gao, G. H., Kim, S. W., Lee, D. S., Hadjiargyrou, M., Touitou, E., Ainbinder, D., Mumper, R., Rolland, A., Niidome, T., Labhasetwar, V., Liu, S., Zhou, G., Huang, Y., Xie, Z., Jing, X., ... Mitragotri, S. (2014). Highly cited research articles in Journal of Controlled Release: Commentaries and perspectives by authors. Journal of Controlled Release, 190, 29-74. https://doi.org/10.1016/S0168-3659(14)00482-9