Imaging of cerebrospinal fluid shunts: Radiologist’s perspective

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Ventricular cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) shunts have revolutionized the management of hydrocephalus which was previously a highly morbid condition. Imaging plays an integral role in the evaluation of the function of the ventricular shunts. In this monograph, particular attention was given to pediatric ventricular shunts. Radiologic tests ranging from plain radiography to magnetic resonance imaging are discussed in the evaluation of ventricular shunts. Radiology studies should not be interpreted in isolation in the evaluation of the ventricular shunt function. These studies are only one part of the evaluation and other important variables, such as patient’s clinical history, physical examination and laboratory tests have critical roles. The radiologist should have a good understanding of the shunts preferentially utilized by the institutional neurosurgeons. Importance of having a working relationship with the neurosurgery team cannot be overestimated.

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