Improved glycemic control in intensively treated type 1 diabetic patients using blood glucose meters with storage capability and computer- assisted analyses

Suzanne M. Strowig, Philip Raskin

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OBJECTIVE - To determine the effect of glycemic control in intensively treated type 1 diabetic patients using a blood glucose meter with storage capability and computer-assisted analyses. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS - Glycemic control was assessed in 22 intensively treated adults with type 1 diabetes for 12 months while using a meter without memory, followed by 12 months while using a meter with memory. Log books were used to assist patients in managing aspects of the diabetes treatment plan during the first 12-month period, and computer-assisted analyses were used when the meter with memory was used. GHb levels were measured monthly throughout the 24 months of observation. RESULTS - The mean GHb level averaged across all patients during the period of memory meter use (6.4%) was significantly lower than that during the period of meter use without memory (6.9%) (P = 0.0004). The change in GHb levels from each period-specific baseline level occurred at significantly different slopes (P = 0.046) when adjusted for baseline GHb level. In addition, the downward trend in GHb level was greater in those patients who increased the frequency of testing the most (r = -0.54, P = 0.01). CONCLUSIONS - Use of a meter with memory in conjunction with computer- generated analyses of stored blood glucose test results can lead to improved glycemic control when used by a group of intensively treated adult diabetic patients. Improvement in glycemic control was related to frequency of blood glucose testing.

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JournalDiabetes care
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StatePublished - Oct 13 1998


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