Intensive Care Management, Including Cardiorespiratory Care

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Increased demand for critical care resources is a direct result of advances in cardiorespiratory support for neuromuscular patients. Very limited data is available to describe outcomes for these patients. As a basis for evaluation and treatment, the mechanisms of cardiac and respiratory dysfunction are reviewed, particularly with respect to the unique presentations and needs of patients with neuromuscular diseases. Very complex interventions are now available for patients requiring critical support. To insure appropriate resource utilization and optimum patient care, ethical review is often appropriate. In addition to these conditions, neuromuscular abnormalities may develop as a consequence of intensive care for previously healthy patients.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationNeuromuscular Disorders of Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence
Subtitle of host publicationA Clinician's Approach
PublisherElsevier Inc.
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StatePublished - 2015


  • Critical care
  • Ethics
  • Heart failure
  • Neuromuscular
  • Pharmacology
  • Respiratory failure

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