Kinetic heterogeneity of low density lipoproteins in primary hypertriglyceridemia

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The kinetics of two subtractions of low density lipoproteins (LDL) were examined in nine patients with primary hypertriglyceridemia. LDL was subjected to equilibrium ultracentrifugation, and three patterns of LDL subfractions were noted. The LDL of five patients with moderate hypertriglyceridemia (plasma triglycerides (TG) ranging from 333 to 580 mg/dl) appeared to contain two distinct subfractions. One was less dense and had a high TG content; the other was more dense and had a reduced content of all lipids, particularly cholesterol. Each subfraction was labeled separately and was reinjected into the patient. Of the two subfractions, the more dense LDL usually had a higher fractional catabolic rate (FCR), although the turnover rates of both subfractions for these hypertriglyceridemic patients were higher than normal. Two other patients with mild hypertriglyceridemia had only a single LDL after gradient equilibrium ultracentrifugation. This fraction was divided into less dense and more dense subfractions, and their FCR was determined. In both patients, turnover rates of the two subfractions were similar and both were in the normal range. Finally, two more patients with mildly elevated TG had a very dense LDL, besides having a single, less dense band. For both patients, the FCR for the less dense and very dense subfractions were similar, although the denser LDL had a greater fraction in the extravascular compartment. Thus, patients with primary moderate hypertriglyceridemia often have distinct subfractions that have different turnover rates. For patients with mild hypertriglyceridemia, the LDL is more homogenous, and its subfractions are kinetically similar.

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