Mutant p53 triggers a dynamin-1/APPL1 endosome feedback loop that regulates β1 integrin recycling and migration

Ashley M. Lakoduk, Philippe Roudot, Marcel Mettlen, Heather M. Grossman, Sandra L Schmid, Ping Hung Chen

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Multiple mechanisms contribute to cancer cell progression and metastatic activity, including changes in endocytic trafficking and signaling of cell surface receptors. We report that gain-of-function (GOF) mutant p53 expression enhances β integrin and EGF receptor recycling and increases cell migration by triggering a positive feedback loop involving the activation of dynamin-1 (Dyn1) and accumulation of a spatially-restricted subpopulation of APPL1-positive ‘perimeter’ endosomes. DNM1 is upregulated at both the mRNA and protein levels in a manner dependent on expression of GOF mutant p53. Perimeter APPL1 endosomes are required for rapid recycling of EGFR and β1 integrins and modulate Akt signaling and Dyn1 activation to create the positive feedback loop that culminates in increased focal adhesion turnover and cell migration. Thus, Dyn1- and Akt-dependent perimeter APPL1 endosomes function as a nexus, integrating signaling and receptor trafficking, that can be co-opted by cancer cells for mutant p53-driven migration and invasion.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalUnknown Journal
StatePublished - Sep 5 2018


  • Akt/Protein kinase B
  • cancer
  • clathrin-mediated endocytosis
  • EGF receptor
  • endocytic trafficking
  • invasion
  • signaling

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