Polyesteramide Coatings for Drug Eluting Stents: Controlling Drug Release by Polymer Engineering

Mikael Trollsas, Bozena Maslanka, Nam Pham, Qing Lin, Syed Hossainy, Shaw Ling Hsu, Michael Huy Ngo

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Bioresorbable vascular scaffolds may revolutionize the field of interventional cardiology and to optimize the clinical outcome it is critical to select coating materials that can control the drug release, maintain coating integrity, and have long term biocompatibility. Polyesteramides have great coating properties, have shown promise in biomedical applications, and their thermo-mechanical properties are easily modified by changing the molecular structure. In this paper a series of polyester amides with various chemical structures, specifically synthesized to optimize the everolimus release rate and the mechanical integrity of drug eluting stent coatings are reported. The obtained data shows that the drug release rate of a lipohilic drug is highly dependent on the molecular structure and more specifically to the polarity, water uptake, and the molecular mobility of the polymer used. The effect on drug release of both the molecular weight and the dry and wet glass transition temperatures of the polymer was demonstrated. In addition, it was demonstrated that minimal changes in a polymers molecular structure showed significant impact on the drug release rate.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationStudies in Mechanobiology, Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials
Number of pages17
StatePublished - 2011
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NameStudies in Mechanobiology, Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials
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  • Control Drug Release
  • Drug Release
  • Drug Release Rate
  • Glass Transition Temperature
  • Molecular Mobility

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