Protocols for High-Risk Pregnancies: An Evidence-Based Approach

John T. Queenan, John C. Hobbins, Catherine Y. Spong

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Experience and evidence fused for best-practice management of high-risk pregnancies High-risk pregnancies present life-threatening challenges to two of your patients: the mother and her fetus. The direct, exemplary guidance in Protocols for High-Risk Pregnancy enables you to: better understand your patients' conditions devise optimum management strategies. maximize the outcome and minimize the complications for both the mother and her fetus. To enhance clinical relevance, each protocol is written as if the patient were present. Evidence to support an intervention is given where it exists. The authors' experience provides additional wise counsel. Key references provide the springboard for a deeper understanding of a topic. All protocols have been updated. New protocols follow the successful formula of previous editions.

Original languageEnglish (US)
ISBN (Print)9781405196505
StatePublished - Jul 9 2010
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