Real-time H-scan ultrasound imaging using a Verasonics research scanner

Mawia Khairalseed, Katherine Brown, Kevin J. Parker, Kenneth Hoyt

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H-scan ultrasound (US) is a new imaging technique that relies on matching a model that describes US image formation to the mathematics of a class of Gaussian-weighted Hermite polynomials (GH). In short, H-scan US (where the ‘H’ denotes Hermite or hue) is a tissue classification technique that images the relative size of acoustic scatterers. Herein, we detail development of a real-time H-scan US imaging technology that was implemented on a programmable US research scanner (Vantage 256, Verasonics Inc, Kirkland, WA). This custom US imaging system has a dual display for real-time visualization of both the H-scan and B-scan US images. This MATLAB-based (Mathworks Inc, Natick, MA) system includes a graphical user interface (GUI) for controlling the entire US scan sequence including the raw radio frequency (RF) data acquisition parameters, image processing, variable control of a parallel set of convolution filters used to derive the H-scan US signal, and data (cine loop) save. The system-level structure used for software-based image reconstruction and display is detailed. Imaging studies were conducted using a series of homogeneous and heterogeneous tissue-mimicking phantom materials embedded with monodisperse spherical US scatterers of size 15–40 µm in diameter. Relative to H-scan US image measurements from a phantom with 15 µm-sized scatterers, data from phantoms with the 30 and 40 µm-sized scatterers exhibited mean intensity increases of 5.2% and 11.6%, respectively. Overall, real-time H-scan US imaging is a promising approach for visualizing the relative size and distribution of acoustic scattering objects.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)28-36
Number of pages9
StatePublished - Apr 2019


  • Acoustic scatterers
  • H-scan
  • Plane waves
  • Spatial angular compounding
  • Tissue characterization
  • Ultrasound

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