Spiral-Enteroskopie mit dem neuen DSB-Overtube: Eine neue Technik zur tiefen peroralen Dünndarm-Intubation

Translated title of the contribution: Spiral enteroscopy with the new DSB overtube: A novel technique for deep peroral small-bowel intubation

P. A. Akerman, D. Agrawal, D. Cantero, J. Pangtay, H. J. Schulz

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Background and study aims: Spiral enteroscopy is a new technique for deep small-bowel intubation that uses a special overtube (Discovery Small Bowel, DSB) to pleat small bowel. The aims of this prospective study were to evaluate the use of a new-design DSB over new, longer and smaller-diameter enteroscopes, the Fujinon EN-450T5 and the Olympus SIF-Q180. Patients and methods: This is a prospective study of 75patients at two referral centers. All enteroscopies were performed by two experienced endoscopists. Patients underwent spiralenteroscopy perorally with the DSB and either the Fujinon EN-450T5 or the Olympus SIF-Q180 enteroscope. Procedure time and depth of insertion past the -ligament of Treitz were determined for all pa-tients. Results: Peroral spiral enteroscopy with DSB was performed in 50patients with the Fujinon enteroscope and in 25patients with the Olympus. Average estimated depth of insertion was 243cm (range 50722; 380cm) vs. 256cm (range 50400cm) and the average time to reach this depth was 18.7min (range 752min) vs. 16.2min (range 733min) in the Fujinon and the Olympus groups respectively. Overall findings were 10angio-dys-plasias, 2small-bowel tumors, 1Peutz-Jeghers -polyp, 1case of celiac sprue, 2of small-bowel strongyloidiasis, and 2small-bowel ulcers. All -angiodysplasias were treated with bipolar cauter-ization. Biopsies were taken from the small-bowel tumors. There were no major complications. Conclusions: The new DSB is a means of rapid, safe, and effective deep small-bowel intubation. Depth of insertion into the small bowel and total procedure time compare favourably with other deep enteroscopy techniques. The DSB performed equally well with both enteroscopes.

Original languageGerman
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JournalEndoskopie Heute
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StatePublished - Dec 1 2009



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  • spiral enteroscopy

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