The chemistry and biology of nakiterpiosin - C-nor-D-homosteroids

Shuanhu Gao, Qiaoling Wang, Gelin Wang, Brett Lomenick, Jie Liu, Chih Wei Fan, Lih Wen Deng, Jing Huang, Lawrence Lum, Chuo Chen

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Isolated from the sponge Terpios hoshinota that causes coral black disease, nakiterpiosin was the first C-nor-D-homosteroid discovered from a marine source. We provide in this account an overview of the chemistry and biology of this natural product. We also include a short history of the synthesis of C-nor-D-homosteroids and the results of some unpublished biological studies of nakiterpiosin.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article numberST-2012-A0436-A
Pages (from-to)2298-2310
Number of pages13
Issue number16
StatePublished - 2012


  • Hedgehog signaling
  • Natural products
  • Steroids
  • Total synthesis
  • Tubulin

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  • Organic Chemistry

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    Gao, S., Wang, Q., Wang, G., Lomenick, B., Liu, J., Fan, C. W., Deng, L. W., Huang, J., Lum, L., & Chen, C. (2012). The chemistry and biology of nakiterpiosin - C-nor-D-homosteroids. Synlett, 23(16), 2298-2310. [ST-2012-A0436-A].