The daily moment: a stress reduction program for cancer center staff.

Jeff Kendall, Cindy Waddington, Colleen Kendall

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Keeping members of the oncology team from being overwhelmed by the stress of their jobs is a major concern at the Helen E. Graham Cancer Center and every cancer center around the country. The impact of stressors experienced as a result of caring for people is felt heavily not only by physicians and nurses, but also by each staff member in a cancer center. In addition to caregiving stressors, all cancer center staff experience corporation-style stressors such as staffing shortages, long hours, tight schedules, and limited resources. Therefore, the importance of finding innovative mechanisms for all staff to reduce their stress levels and develop stronger bonds with their coworkers is paramount. Given the stressors mentioned above, the Daily Moment program was developed. This involves staff gathering before morning rounds to listen to a staff member read an inspirational quote or an appropriate joke. The Daily Moment was developed with the following goals: (1) occur daily but not require much time, (2) energize staff for the day, (3) be effective for all levels of staffing, and (4) improve coworker relationships and interactions. Participation in the Daily Moment was voluntary. After 6 weeks of implementation, a survey was administered to all staff. Results indicated that all goals for the program were accomplished, and they demonstrated that innovative stress reduction programs may require little time and still generate positive influences on a cancer center staff. Finally, the simplicity of this program allows it to be instituted at any facility at any time with no cost.

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Pages (from-to)68-71
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JournalThe Journal of oncology management : the official journal of the American College of Oncology Administrators
Issue number3
StatePublished - Jan 1 2005

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