The mouse major histocompatibility complex: Some assembly required

Claire Amadou, Attila Kumánovics, Elsy P. Jones, Doris Lambracht-Washington, Masayasu Yoshino, Kirsten Fischer Lindahl

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We have assembled a contig of 81 yeast artificial chromosome clones that spans 8 Mb and contains the entire major histocompatibility complex (Mhc) from mouse strain C57BL/6 (H2b), and we are in the process of assembling an Mhc contig of bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) clones from strain 129 (H2(bc)), which differs from C57BL/6 in the H2-Q and H2-T regions. The current BAC contig extends from Tapasin to D17Leh89 with gaps in the class II, H2-Q, and distal H2-M regions. Only four BAC clones were required to link the class I genes of the H2-Q and H2-T regions, and no new class I gene was found in the previous gap. The proximal 1 Mb of the H2-M region has been analyzed in detail and is ready for sequencing; it includes 21 class I genes or fragments, at least 14 olfactory receptor-like genes, and a number of non-class I genes that clearly establish a conserved synteny with the class I regions of the human and rat Mhc.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)211-221
Number of pages11
JournalImmunological Reviews
Publication statusPublished - 1999


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Amadou, C., Kumánovics, A., Jones, E. P., Lambracht-Washington, D., Yoshino, M., & Lindahl, K. F. (1999). The mouse major histocompatibility complex: Some assembly required. Immunological Reviews, 167, 211-221.