The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, Fifth Edition

L. S. Goodman, A. Gilman, A. G. Gilman, G. B. Koelle

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The 5th edition of this world renowned textbook is the result of a thorough updating of every chapter with respect to the mechanism of action and use of older agents and the addition of important new drugs. The philosophy and objectives of the earlier editions are continued, however, together with the same thoughtful organization, clarity and authority that have long made 'Goodman and Gilman' the standard book in the field. Although less dynamic or outmoded sections have been condensed or eliminated, the basic organization remains the same, with major attention being given to the well established, safe and effective prototypal drugs. After a discussion of the general principles of pharmacokinetics, special attention is given to drugs acting on the CNS, local anesthetics, drugs acting at synaptic and neuroeffector junctions, autacoids, cardiovascular drugs, water, salts and ions, drugs affecting renal function and electrolyte metabolism, drugs affecting uterine motility, gases and vapors, heavy metals and antagonists, locally acting drugs, antiparasitic drugs, antimicrobial drugs, antineoplastic drugs, drugs acting on the blood and hematopoietic system, hormones and hormone antagonists, vitamins and even the principles of prescription writing and patient compliance instruction. There is a detailed subject index referring to both medical concepts and drug names, generic as well as proprietary. This book will prove invaluable to both students and graduates in many areas of the biomedical sciences.

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StatePublished - 1975

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