The trial of mid-urethral slings (TOMUS): Design and methodology

Michael E. Albo, William Steers, Ananias Diokno, Salil Khandwala, Linda Brubaker, Mary Pat FitzGerald, Holly E. Richter, L. Keith Lloyd, Michael Albo, Charles Nager, Toby Chai, Harry W. Johnson, Halina M. Zyczynski, Wendy Leng, Philippe Zimmern, Gary Lemack, Stephen Kraus, Thomas Rozanski, Peggy Norton, Lindsey KerrSharon Tennstedt, Anne Stoddard, Debuene Chang, John W. Kusek, Leroy M. Nyberg, Anne M. Weber

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

32 Scopus citations

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