Transferrin receptor expression in early postimplantation mouse trophoblast and associated tissues

B. L. Drake, J. R. Head

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The expression of the transferrin receptor (TR) was examined on murine trophoblast cells on days 6, 8 and 10 of gestation, using a monoclonal antibody visualized by indirect immuno-fluorescence on cryostat sections of the implant site. In the day 6 tissues, TR were observed on both the ectoplacental cone (EPC) and mural giant cell trophoblast populations, as well as on the embryonic ectoderm, anti-mesometrial decidual cells, uterine glandular epithelium and myometrium. By the 8th day of gestation, TR expression was weak, or undetectable on trophoblast giant cells (TGC), but remained strong on the proliferating cells of the EPC and embryo. In the definitive placenta (day 10), TR are expressed primarily on the differentiated labyrinthine trophoblast cells involved in the maternal-fetal transfer of iron.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 1990


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