Trichodysplasia spinulosa in a child: Identification of trichodysplasia spinulosa-associated polyomavirus in skin, serum, and urine

Bahir H. Chamseddin, Bao Anh Patrick D. Tran, Eunice E. Lee, Diana V. Pastrana, Christopher B. Buck, Richard C Wang, Anna Yasmine Kirkorian

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A 6-year-old girl with a history of chronic immunosuppression following small bowel and colon transplantation for tufting enteropathy presented with a diffuse, facial-predominant eruption composed of pink-to-skin-colored papules with central white dystrophic spicules. Histology from a punch biopsy and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) from plucked spicules confirmed a diagnosis of trichodysplasia spinulosa (TS). Additional molecular studies identified several strains of the trichodysplasia spinulosa–associated polyomavirus infecting multiple tissues of the patient, confirming the systemic nature of trichodysplasia spinulosa infections.



  • diagnosis
  • pediatric
  • trichodysplasia spinulosa
  • trichodysplasia spinulosa–associated polyomavirus

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