Update of fluoride in the treatment of osteoporosis

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Sustained-release sodium fluoride (SR-NaF or Neosten(TM), Mission Pharmacal Company, San Antonio, TX) opens an exciting new approach in the management of postmenopausal osteoporosis. Unlike available drugs that are antiresorptive agents [1], SR-NaF is a formation-stimulating agent [2]. Thus, SR-NaF has a greater potential for augmenting spinal bone mass and inhibiting spinal fractures than antiresorptive agents. However, the response to treatment is not due to the properties of SR-NaF alone, but also to the particular treatment format [3]. To capture the maximum benefits of SR-NaF, it must be provided intermittently with continuous calcium citrate (or Citracal®, Mission Pharmacal Company, San Antonio, TX) supplementation. In this review, the unique properties of SRNaF and features of the treatment format will be described first. Laboratory and clinical results of treatment then will be provided.

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