2-hydroxyglutarate inhibits ATP synthase and mTOR Signaling

Xudong Fu, Randall M. Chin, Laurent Vergnes, Heejun Hwang, Gang Deng, Yanpeng Xing, Melody Y. Pai, Sichen Li, Lisa Ta, Farbod Fazlollahi, Chuo Chen, Robert M. Prins, Michael A. Teitell, David A. Nathanson, Albert Lai, Kym F. Faull, Meisheng Jiang, Steven G. Clarke, Timothy F. Cloughesy, Thomas G. GraeberDaniel Braas, Heather R. Christofk, Michael E. Jung, Karen Reue, Jing Huang

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

90 Scopus citations

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