Concordance in biomarker status between bladder tumors at time of transurethral resection and subsequent radical cystectomy: Results of a 5-year prospective study

Niccolò M. Passoni, Shahrokh F. Shariat, Aditya Bagrodia, Franto Francis, Varun Rachakonda, Evanguelos Xylinas, Payal Kapur, Arthur I Sagalowsky, Yair Lotan

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Purpose: To assess the concordance rate in alterations of molecular markers at the time of transurethral resection (TUR) and subsequent radical cystectomy (RC) among patients with high-grade urothelial carcinoma of the bladder (UCB). Methods: We prospectively performed immunohistochemical staining p53, p21, p27, Ki-67 and cyclin E1 on TUR and on RC specimens from 102 patients treated with RC and bilateral lymphadenectomy for high-grade UCB.We analyzed the concordance rate of individual markers and of the number of altered markers. Concordant and discordant findings were reported in the overall population and according to clinical stage. Results: Median patient age was 74 years (IQR 67-79) and mostly male (86%). Median time from TUR to RC was 1.5 months (IQR 1.0-2.4). Clinical stage at time of RC was cTa/Tis/T1 in 50%, cT2 in 47%, and cT4 in 1% of patients Nine (9%) patients received neoadjuvant chemotherapy. The concordance of biomarkers between TUR and RC specimens was 92.2%, 77.5%, 80.4%, 77.5%, and 83.3% for cyclin E1, p21, p27, p53 and Ki-67, respectively. The concordance between number of altered biomarkers was 51.0%. Conclusions: The rate of individual marker alterations at time of TUR closely approximates that found at RC specimens. However, the correlation of number of altered markers is lower. Molecular marker status at TUR could help predict the marker status at RC and may help guide multimodal therapeutic planning.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)91-99
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JournalBladder Cancer
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2016



  • Bladder cancer
  • Cystectomy
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  • Transurethral resection of bladder tumors

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