Correction of hypomagnesemia by dapagliflozin in patients with type 2 diabetes: A post hoc analysis of 10 randomized, placebo-controlled trials

Robert D. Toto, Ronald Goldenberg, Glenn M. Chertow, Valerie Cain, Bergur V. Stefánsson, C. David Sjöström, Peter Sartipy

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Aims: Hypomagnesemia (serum magnesium [Mg] <0.74 mmol/L [<1.8 mg/dL]) is commonly observed in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D). This study investigated the effect of treatment with dapagliflozin 10 mg on Mg concentrations in patients with T2D. Methods: In this post hoc analysis, we used pooled data from 10 placebo-controlled studies of dapagliflozin over 24 weeks of treatment in patients with T2D. We evaluated the change in Mg in patients receiving dapagliflozin vs. placebo overall, and in subgroups with baseline hypomagnesemia and normal/hypermagnesemia (≥0.74 mmol/L [≥1.8 mg/dL]). We determined the proportion of patients with baseline hypomagnesemia who achieved Mg ≥0.74 mmol/L (≥1.8 mg/dL). Results: A total of 4398 patients with T2D were included. The mean change from baseline to week 24 in Mg was significantly larger with dapagliflozin vs. placebo; difference, 0.06 mmol/L (95% confidence interval [CI]: 0.05, 0.06). The proportion of patients with Mg within the population reference range after 24 weeks of treatment was significantly higher with dapagliflozin vs. placebo; difference, 47.8% (95% CI: 41.4, 53.9). The proportion of patients displaying hypermagnesemia did not increase with dapagliflozin treatment. Conclusions: Treatment with dapagliflozin 10 mg resulted in correction of Mg concentrations in patients with T2D and hypomagnesemia.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number107402
JournalJournal of Diabetes and Its Complications
Issue number10
StatePublished - Oct 2019



  • Dapagliflozin
  • Hypomagnesemia
  • Post hoc analysis
  • Randomized controlled trials
  • SGLT2 inhibitor
  • Type 2 diabetes

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