Effect of Mexiletine on Muscle Stiffness in Patients With Nondystrophic Myotonia Evaluated Using Aggregated N-of-1 Trials

Bas C. Stunnenberg, Joost Raaphorst, Hans M. Groenewoud, Jeffrey M. Statland, Robert C. Griggs, Willem Woertman, Dick F. Stegeman, Janneke Timmermans, Jaya R Trivedi, Emma Matthews, Christiaan G.J. Saris, Bas J. Schouwenberg, Gea Drost, Baziel G.M. van Engelen, Gert Jan van der Wilt

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Importance: In rare diseases it is difficult to achieve high-quality evidence of treatment efficacy because of small cohorts and clinical heterogeneity. With emerging treatments for rare diseases, innovative trial designs are needed. Objective: To investigate the effectiveness of mexiletine in nondystrophic myotonia using an aggregated N-of-1 trials design and compare results between this innovative design and a previously conducted RCT. Design, Setting, and Participants: A series of aggregated, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled N-of-1-trials, performed in a single academic referral center. Thirty Dutch adult patients with genetically confirmed nondystrophic myotonia (38 patients screened) were enrolled between February 2014 and June 2015. Follow-up was completed in September 2016. Interventions: Mexiletine (600 mg daily) vs placebo during multiple treatment periods of 4 weeks. Main Outcomes and Measures: Reduction in daily-reported muscle stiffness on a scale of 1 to 9, with higher scores indicating more impairment. A Bayesian hierarchical model aggregated individual N-of-1 trial data to determine the posterior probability of reaching a clinically meaningful effect of a greater than 0.75-point difference. Results: Among 30 enrolled patients (mean age, 43.4 [SD, 15.24] years; 22% men; 19 CLCN1 and 11 SCN4A genotype), 27 completed the study and 3 dropped out (1 because of a serious adverse event). In 24 of the 27 completers, a clinically meaningful treatment effect was found. In the Bayesian hierarchical model, mexiletine resulted in a 100% posterior probability of reaching a clinically meaningful reduction in self-reported muscle stiffness for the nondystrophic myotonia group overall and the CLCN1 genotype subgroup and 93% posterior probability for the SCN4A genotype subgroup. In the total nondystrophic myotonia group, the median muscle stiffness score was 6.08 (interquartile range, 4.71-6.80) at baseline and was 2.50 (95% credible interval [CrI], 1.77-3.24) during the mexiletine period and 5.56 (95% CrI, 4.73-6.39) during the placebo period; difference in symptom score reduction, 3.06 (95% CrI, 1.96-4.15; n = 27) favoring mexiletine. The most common adverse event was gastrointestinal discomfort (21 mexiletine [70%], 1 placebo [3%]). One serious adverse event occurred (1 mexiletine [3%]; allergic skin reaction). Using frequentist reanalysis, mexiletine compared with placebo resulted in a mean reduction in daily-reported muscle stiffness of 3.12 (95% CI, 2.46-3.78), consistent with the previous RCT treatment effect of 2.69 (95% CI, 2.12-3.26). Conclusions and Relevance: In a series of N-of-1 trials of mexiletine vs placebo in patients with nondystrophic myotonia, there was a reduction in mean daily-reported muscle stiffness that was consistent with the treatment effect in a previous randomized clinical trial. These findings support the efficacy of mexiletine for treatment of nondystrophic myotonia as well as the feasibility of N-of-1 trials for assessing interventions in some chronic rare diseases. Trial Registration: ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT02045667.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2344-2353
Number of pages10
Issue number22
StatePublished - Dec 11 2018

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    Stunnenberg, B. C., Raaphorst, J., Groenewoud, H. M., Statland, J. M., Griggs, R. C., Woertman, W., Stegeman, D. F., Timmermans, J., Trivedi, J. R., Matthews, E., Saris, C. G. J., Schouwenberg, B. J., Drost, G., van Engelen, B. G. M., & van der Wilt, G. J. (2018). Effect of Mexiletine on Muscle Stiffness in Patients With Nondystrophic Myotonia Evaluated Using Aggregated N-of-1 Trials. JAMA, 320(22), 2344-2353. https://doi.org/10.1001/jama.2018.18020