Potential neuropsychologic and neurophysiology correlates of multiple personality disorder: Literature review and two case studies

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The following is a review of the literature concerning electroencephalo-graphic (EEG) abnormalities in multiple personality disorder (MPD). In addition, the neuropsychologic profiles and EEG results of two psychiatric inpatients diagnosed with multiple personality disorder (MPD) are presented. Both patients showed evidence of above-average intelligence, significant Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale—Revised (WAIS-R) Verbal Intelligence Quotient-Performance Intelligence Quotient (VIQ-PIQ) discrepancies, impairment in free recall, severe depression without psychomotor retardation, and mildly abnormal EEGs. Theories regarding the validity and etiology of MPD are also presented.

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JournalNeuropsychiatry, Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neurology
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StatePublished - Jul 1994



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